The work of the evangelist is the first step to having a relationship with God on God’s own terms. It really does not matter which part of the world you live in, the first step will always be the work of the evangelist.
Since I live in America, I want to help the Church in America learn how to do evangelism. A few years ago, I spent three weeks asking God for insight into how to do that.
I asked God to give me something that I could use to help people avoid getting stuck in man-made religious systems that look good on the surface but fail to honor God on his own terms.
I recorded a podcast to explain the answer I received. Instead of offering an outline, I just did the work of an evangelist myself and put the recording on the Internet to invite others to stop and listen.
I really believe giving easy answers to questions is not the task of Christianity, and instead of giving a step by step set of instructions on sharing the Gospel, I would just do it and invite others to listen.
Eventually, I did write a step by step set of instructions that others could follow. The podcast is titled “The Message of Christianity” and the set of instructions is titled “The Message of Christianity Short Version: An Evangelism Guide.”
I am making these available for free because I want to help the Church learn how to share Jesus Christ’s story. I wanted there to be a place online for those who want to honor God on God’s terms without including any man-made religion.
Here are some resources I made to help you understand how to nurture faith.

If you want to nurture faith as an evangelist in your area, then I am giving you permission to make and distribute copies of the following PDF file:

The Message of Christianity Short Version (PDF)

And here is a tribute to someone who did evangelism well:

A Billy Graham Tribute (YouTube  video)

A Prophet With Honor: The Billy Graham Story (On Amazon)

 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association