Because the Bible says :

“A single witness shall not suffice…Only on the evidence of two witnesses or three witnesses shall a charge be established” in Deuteronomy 19:15 from the English Standard Version of the Bible, here are some sermon excerpts available on YouTube (with links in red).

I. For The Message of Christianity:

II. For the Discipleship Orientation:

III. For the Discipleship and Scripture:

IV. For the Discipleship and God:

Note: I could not find anything online that I felt explained the kind of person God is fairly, and put this John MacArthur video up to explain why understanding the kind of person God is has been neglected online.

V. Discipleship and Creation:

Concerning Science and the Origin of Life:

Note: In American Christianity, there is a disagreement over how God interacts with people living in our world, and I wanted to invite you to listen to some really good friends who really disagree on this issue:

VI. For the Discipleship and Jesus Christ:

VII. For the Discipleship and the Holy Spirit:

VIII. For the Discipleship and the Church:

Concerning The American Church:

Concerning Spiritual Gifts:

IX. For Discipleship and the End:

 X. For I Am Job: